19 August 2010

Results are in.

Photography:  A  (full marks! he he!)

English Lit: A

Religious Studies: A

History: B

I am gutted about history as it was what I wanted to study at uni so thats a bit of blow.Very annoying as well because i got an A in one module of it and a B in the other so my total mark rounds to a B. grrrr! To put it in perspective though, I am very happy with my results!

Loves xxxx


Maria Ontiveros said...


humel said...

They look pretty amazing to me, Abi - well done :-) No surprises that you did so well in photography! xx

JO SOWERBY said...

wow abi such fantastic results, big congrats to u. if u have 1 more year at school, can u bump up ur marks over the coming year for history? anyway hope u and the family can celebrate their rising star
Jo xxxx

Laura said...

Huge Congrats Abi!

Well done on your awesome results!

Lulu and her whimsical ways! said...

well done, those are great results! x

debs14 said...

You must be so happy - hope the family are treating you to a special dinner tonight to celebrate.

scrappyjacky said...

Congratulations,Abi.....great results....so, well done.

Sian said...

Congratulations - those sound like wonderful marks to me. I hope you are doing something really nice to celebrate

Lizzie said...

Great marks, Abi! How does that 'B' affect your university hopes? Don't you still have a year left - so will that enable you to make up the extra you need?
You really deserve the good grades - after all the hard work and careful revision we all know you have done.

(and how did The Boy get on?)

Sarah said...

Congratulations!! They look like great grades to me!! Well Done!

Amy said...

Congratulations Abi! Well done, this is a great result for you - fabulous :-)