6 August 2010

Holiday pictures 1

Happy Friday!

This would you believe is my hundredth post! he he! Very exciting. I am planning a little giveaway in two weeks time as I am away (again) next tuesday at a christian camp called soul survivor. Look it up if you are interested because it looks fab!

Anyway...back to topic! The first holiday pictures. This year we went to Virginia and a town called Alexandria in the suburbs of Washington DC. The weather was really incredible, sunny hot and slightly humid!
We rented a beautiful house. It was huge in typical american style. No jokes the oven was so big I could have fit in it!
Love the shutters!
This was the Potomac River and the port in historic Alexandria. It was so beautiful, almost like a film set!
We walked around the oldest parts of Alexandria. I found the most INCREDIBLE paper shop and spent far too much money buying hambly screen print overlays and a woodgrain stamp! The building above is one of the thinnest houses in the area!
Cute details in the town
Someone loves their aviators! You can just see my mum in the background happily snapping away!
This picture makes me giggle! We all had to (at the instrction of my mum) plaster ourselves in sun cream. My mum decided to suncream my Dad's almost bald head in case he got sunburnt there! it so happened that here she had put too much on and he looked like he had gone white! very funny! My dad was slightly bemused about what was happening at this point!
We ended the day with a wonderful boat trip down the river to see some of the monuments in washington.
So the first day of our American adventure!

Hope you enjoyed it! I will stop by tomorrow with the next installment! Thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxxx


scrappyjacky said...

Some great photos,Abi...that house looks wonderful.....and love the river photo.

humel said...

Woo-hoo, congrats on your 100th post! And a lovely post it is too - great details of what looks like a fab holiday :-)

I hope you have a great time at Soul Survivor xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Happy Blog-centenniel! And I love that picture of the shutters!

Jennifer Grace said...

Great photos, I love the one of the suncream moment, great to capture the funny times!

Congrats on your 100th post! x

JO SOWERBY said...

happy 100th abi, it looks like u had a wonderful time in the usa. i spent some time in washinton dc several years ago. it was an amazing place. we then went further south to richmond in virginia and then down to georgia.
cant wait to see more.
my friends are off to soul survivor this wednesday as my friend cathy is on the welfare team. her 3 boys, all extremely strapping guys, one of whom has just finished his royal marines training are all going. it is chucking it down here at the moment so bring ur wellis and kagool
Jo xxxxx