9 August 2010

Final Holiday Photos

Hi all

The bag is packed, the sleeping bag is checked and the dry shampoo has been bought! Time to go camping me thinks! I cann't wait for tomorrow because I am off to see my Boy and his family! I haven't seen him in about a month so its all very exciting!

So..the final set of holiday photos...
We went back to Washington DC as there were several museums that we wanted to have a look around. We visited the crime and punishment museum which was really fantastic. Loads of hands on stuff and lots to read. We then went to a covered courtyard in the art gallery and ate lunch. the light was beautiful and being one never to miss a photo oppertunity I snapped away!

After another picnic lunch we headed to look at the Norman Rockwell exhibition. He was an artist who's work I had seen around and liked yet never associated to him. The display was brilliant and really demonstrated this incredible artists talent. If you have never seen his work have a google. All the pictures are fun and tell a story yet at the same time are quite simple. This is my favourite work of his just for the comedy value!

We had a walk around China town which was so colourful and beautiful...
This starbucks sign made me chuckle! ( I love capturing little details like this.)

We ended the day with a trip to urban outfitters which my mum fell in love with ha! The next day we headed off for the littlest ones favourite...baseball!
To be honest, I am not a huge fan of baseball! To me it is too much like cricket and really any sport watched live (except perhaps rugby) tends to bore me! It was a treat for the boys though so I settled down to watch with a grimace! It wqas the Washington Nationals Vs the Philadelphia Phillys. (that probs doesn't mean anything to those of u in the UK!) We (By that I mean the boys) were supporting the nationals as we were staying there. Baseball in my eyes is most similar to rounders. There are batters, bowlers and bases. Just slightly more complicated!
All in all it was a good day. In between innings there is all sorts of entertainment like shooting t shirts into the crowd and people spotted on the big screen! the phillys ended up winning but it was a very close game and the littlest enjoyed himself so really thats all that matters!

Our final day was spent travelling to the airport and stopping off at the air and space museum. It was literally huge and very impressive. I am no plane geek but enjoyed this...
The best bit for me was seeing the space shuttle! It is HUGE and yes it is real!

It was a brilliant holiday and nice to just chill out. I hope to make a mini book of all the photos at some point so will share that when it is completed!

Next week I am off camping so a bit of a blogging break, but hopefully will come back with loads of new pictures and stories to share. Hope everyone has a fab week. Thanks for stopping by!

Loves xxx

P.S I am knitting..bunting! Yep! I found a pattern in a magazine at the hairdressers and proceeded to write it down. Got some very funny looks! Don't know what it will turn out like but hey! Thanks for asking!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Fun, fun pix! I also love the starbuck's sign. I didn't realize there was a space shuttle in the air & space. Thanks for the tip. Will go see it next time I'm there.

scrappyjacky said...

Great pics...love the Starbucks sign.Tend to agree with you about live sport...though I'd include rugby as well!!
Knitted bunting....whatever next....look forward to seeing it completed.
Enjoy your camping.

Amy said...

The camp sounds like a lot of fun - I meant to ask yesterday where The Boy was in all of the travel.. have fun catching up!

JO SOWERBY said...

ooh camping.............the weather has been appalling so take plenty of extra clothes and ur wellies. i will wave at u from south horrington. cos u will literally be 6 miles from me!!!!!
Jo xxx

humel said...

Oh wow, amazing selection of shots - you've really captured the details of your holiday, thanks for sharing them with us :-)

Can't wait to see the finished bunting! xx