27 August 2010

stripy socks and coloured ribbons

Once upon a time there were two 17 (yes 17) year old girls who were wondering what to do as it was raining and cold outside.

As they had been inside for most of the day they were rather hyper. Add this to a camera and a tripod and you have a very silly photo shoot.

They tried on plenty of hats, did silly poses, tried to work the self timer and tied each others hair in ribbons.

The Dad downstairs was then greeted with two girls shrieking with laughter and 30 or so shots of pure crazyness.

The two girls then proceeded to hijkack the computer and on a lovely prgram called picnik edited the pictures to their liking,

The result, a happy few hours, and plenty of new pictures to scrap with as the girl has now gone back home on the train..sob sob!

Hope you like!

Loves xxx


humel said...

17, not 7? ;-)

So glad you had a good time :-) And I'm closer to 37 and I can still have a shriekingly silly time with my friends, so I can't say much!! xx

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a lot of fun,Abi. And thank you so much for the gorgeous note book that arrived today.

JO SOWERBY said...

ahhh 17 and having fun, love the pics and love the memories they have released!!
Jo xxx

Rachel said...

17 i remember that being one of my favourite years and literally feels like 2 mins ago not 10 years, i feel like im 17 and i barely look much older lol. great photos, hope you scrap them soon xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the sock pictures, and your friend has the most gorgeous hair!!!

Abi said...

I know, doesn't she Rinda!!!! My mum coudn't stop playing with her hair when she came round!