7 August 2010

Holiday photos 2:

Hi All

Hope you are all having a nice today. I have just been out driving with my mum as my test is on the 1st September! ahhh too soon! I am feeling fairly confident. I just hate bay parking and hill starts! grrrr..

Anyway (happy cheery smiles) the second installment of the holiday photos!
On the second day of our holiday we went into Washington DC. Our house was on the end of the metro line so it was quite easy to get in. This day was baking hot, literally I melted! Lol! Oh also,the building in the background is..the capitol (for several years I have thought that it was the white house. Yep english naiviety coming out here! Lol!)
It was a special day as it was my Mum and Dad's 20th wedding anniversary! (bless them!)
We had a picnic in the city centre. We picked up a box of strawberries in the supermarket. No jokes they were all this size! It was like eating something the size of a pear not a strawberry!
We walked fairly close to the Capitol building but as it was so hot didn't get any closer. Its a very impressive sight.
Walking through Washington we came to this really quirky park full of interesting art work. This was one of the weirdest things. Try and figure outwhere the bend in this house is from the shadow. Its a really weird optical illusion!
We sat in a fountain to cool down and looked decidedly british! ha ha!
We then went to the American history museum. It was fantastic. So much to do and see. My favourite display was the first ladies of america's dresses. Even Mrs Obama's is there including the Jimmy Choos! The above picture documents a really surreal moment. My mum and me were standing on a balcony when about 50 people started unravelling this huge flag. The history of the flag was then explained and the national anthem sung. To say we felt awkward was an understatment! Imagine if that happened in England! I love Americans, such spontaniety.  
We finished up the day by gazing at the Lincoln memorial.

Hope you've enjoyed our day in DC in pictures! Have a great day. More pictures will come. Please say if it is boring! Thanks for stopping by.

Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

ah memories, i loved spending time in washington, we walked everywhere, and did get inside the state capitol building, honest mistake abi i feel afterall it is white!!!!! we walked all the way back dwon to the lincoln memorial where i have a photo of me and my friend. we then went to the arlington state cemetery to jfk's grave and other celebrated americans.
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like another great day,Abi.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Such fun to see my Capitol through your eyes.

Sian said...

Believe me I've been driving for years and I still hate parking! Seriously though, keep up the good work and best of luck for your test.

Lizzie said...

Ah, 9 years ago I spent a month in Fairfax,VA - just outside DC at the end of the metro line. It was great. Had several trips into Washington and explored a bit. It was a good holiday (though DH was working, so he could only come with me and J. at weekends).
Looks as if you all had a lovely holiday. No, the photos are not boring - more please!
Glad the driving is going well, keep practising!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your pictures! And please dont stop telling us more from your holidays!!!

humel said...

Yuck to parking - our new car has parking sensors, they're the best thing EVER!!

Belated congrats to your parents on their anniversary xx

And I'm loving your photos, even if I am a bit late seeing them due to my own holiday! :-)