26 June 2012

Ch-ch-ch changes


So, the observant of you may have noticed a few changes around here.
Namely that the header has changed and my little soundbite underneath has too.

I thought it would be fun to explain a little of my thought process.
From around January time the blog has been going through some big construction work. I have tried to make it cleaner, more open, used bigger pictures and different fonts.

I also made the decision about a month ago to try and unify all the elements on the pages. Therefore, the post title font, the buttons on the sidebar and the blog header are all in the same font.
The colour of the date and the colour of the buttons are the same.

I want my blog to feel neat and simple. I wanted to do away with the clutter I had there and put it back to basics. Words and photos.

That meant making stand alone pages for things like my blog lists, my about page, operation speak out etc.

For me, this look makes me happy and I hope my blog is now more user friendly. Blogs are totally subjective and for me this look works- I know it may not be to everyones taste.

Now the blog header! Wooh there have been some changes over the years!

I have always loved using a photo or two and have played around with this a lot. A few days ago I sat down and thought that I should try a new header with instagram photos. I mean I document most of my day to day through instagram and my blog showcases my day to day in words, so the two go together pretty well!

I had so much fun making it! The beauty of it is that I can change the photos as and when I need to to meet the seasons! Keep you all interested and that!

The real deciding point though in changing my header was that the subtitle was soon going to have to be decomissioned. As of Sepetember I will no longer be a teenager. "Thoughts of a teenage paper addict" therefore didn't really ring true.
After a lot of thought I decided to go with my mantra for the year.
"making the ordinary glorious." .

I am happy with how the blog has come together over the last sixth months. Hopefully this, my friends, will be the final change on here for a while. Maybe...!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Love the changes! And, yes, you have definitely grown up from a teenager to a glorious young woman. I think the feet in the daisies will always be my favorite blog header of yours.

Jennifer Grace said...

The blog header looks great, and I love the line about making the ordinary glorious, it's perfect. x

Sian said...

I think it's looking wonderful! The badges on the far right corner are slightly hidden for me - I can only see half of them, but I bet that's my laptop screen and not you! I'm looking forward to seeing what your new academic year brings you and how you write about it on your fresh looking space

Beverly said...

Well, okay, obviously I think your subtitle is perfectly glorious!!! I like the new look and am excited for all that lies before you. The Pirate leaves teenagedom in August, my, ya'll fly through the years :/

Lizzie said...

It's just beautiful, Abi! I like your new title too - I was looking the other day, and wondering if you really were still "a teenage paper addict", or if you wouldn't soon be 20.... So it's September (when my young man will also be 15).
Love the smart, clean new layout (how did you do the button tab things, for your pages?). Love the new photo banner too. I have enjoyed seeing all your banners - they have always been beautiful and interesting.
Your blog is lovely and I really like to come and read about your adventures.

Will you also have other changes soon? Are you still off to University in the Autumn? Whatever you are doing next, I'm sure you'll do it so very well!
God Bless you Abi, it's lovely seeing you go from strength to strength and glory to glory!!

Missus Wookie said...

Ah - Ewok has just turned 20 and I'm having to remind myself I no longer have 'teenagers' instead Wookie has been using 'youff'.

I really like the way you've changed the blog to be much cleaner and open - let's your photos and words stand out nicely. The line to make the ordinary glorious made me smile, it's very similar to my viewpoint about scrapping :)

While I like this I'm sure that as you change and grow so will your blog. Low down on my list of things to do is to shake up my wanderings too. Changes are good - shows growth!