29 June 2012

Organisation Celebration Blog Hop

Hello Friends

Today the lovely Jennifer  has invited me to join in with her organisation themed blog hop! Hopefully you have joined me from Jo but if you haven't welcome anyway!

Jennifer asked me to blog about anything to do with organisation and immediately I knew I would have to tell this story...

It is well known in my family that my Dad and I are the crafty ones.
If I need paint he is the person to turn to and if he needs tape he looks to me. My mum on the other hand is as interested in crafting as she is of watching the football-ie not very.
Anyhow, over half term we decided to take a family shopping trip. Like normal we piled in the car and were soon pulling up outside the mall.

Now for me and my father there is one shop at this particular mall that really excites us...hobbycraft.
Seeing as the rest of our ignorant  family were so uninterested in this shop my Dad and I decided to take a short de-tour..
"see you in forty five minutes" called my mum.
You see Dad and I know the score. We walk over to Hobbycraft together and then split. He downstairs to the paints, me upstairs to the fabric and wool. After twenty minutes or so we meet up and admire our finds.
This time when we met up he was carrying a plastic tray.

"Abi look at this" he said.
"what is it?"
"It's a tray with separate compartments to fit inside the plastic box I already have!"
I look at it.." What, so you just slide it in on top?"
"Yep!" he said gazing proudly at it. " and it's see-through!"
We both gazed at this piece of organisational genius for some moments. Both of us awed by how clever it was.
My father than goes and finds said box that he "already has" and demonstrates said tray.
We then proceed to discuss the merits of good storage boxes and how hard it is to find good ones.

Yeah, that's right. We have discussions about the organisational potential of plastic boxes.
Radical. Right here.

Honestly it genuinely excited us. We aren't particularly neat or super tidy but when it comes to organising craft supplies, my father and I, well we're experts!

On the way out of the shop my Dad looked at me and said "They(the rest of my family) don't understand do they?!"

So.. on with the hop! Each blog has a letter for you to collect. Once you've got them all, and reached the end of the hop, you can email Jennifer the phrase you've collected to be in with a chance of winning this:

All entries must be received by Monday the 2nd of July at 11.59pm BST, and all the correct answers will be put into a draw to win a package of October Afternoon 9 to 5 and Studio Calico Take Note items, worth over £25!

So here my friend is your secret letter....Use it well!


Onwards to Lea

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Maria Ontiveros said...

I LOVE this story! How wonderful that you and your dad are craft buddies. It makes me happy for you!

Nathalie said...

I wish somebody else in my family had the crafty gene that I have... I don't even know where I got it from!

Julie Baswell said...

I remember my mother sewing my baby brothers clothes. That's as close as it gets to crafting in my family. I on the other hand always have done it and always will.

Jo Murray said...

I'm with your Dad... I love plastic boxes. They are stacked everywhere.

Jimjams said...

I love RUBs - they are so clever! I have stack of takeaway boxes too!

Beverly said...

Love it! There is something very special about things daddies and daughters share :)

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I love my RUBs too :o)

Jennifer Grace said...

Ha ha, great story, it's nice you share the crafting love with him (and also the excitement about plastic boxes!). I love Hobbycraft too, it's silly how it gives you a thrill to walk down craft shop aisles isn't it?!

Thanks so much for joining in with my blog hop! x

Lou said...

awww a lovely story and a shared interest x

scrappymo! said...

You are so lucky to share a love of crafts with your DAD!

Caroline Hackney said...

Thank you for sharing your story!

Julie H said...

I so totally get you and your dad . . . I am not organised in any area of my house or life . . . except my craft room!

Lisa-Jane said...

What a great story! Its lovely to have someone like-minded, especially someone as close as your Dad.

Susanne said...

Oh thanks for sharing your story. The only thing better than a box is a box with compartments, right!

furrypig said...

I do love storage and those boxes are great! you are lucky you have at least one person in your family to share it all with!

Ana Laura De Romero said...

Awww I'd love to share my passion for craft with someone that close ...
Thanks for the letter and hugs from México

Frauke said...

Thanks for the letter !

Clair said...

Interestingly, my dad and I are the crafty ones in our family. Me with the paper and the beads, my dad with the metal and the wood. But each of us understands the others little quirks when it comes to crafting (though I wish my dad could understand the organising!)

Sinead said...

Great story Abi - hurrah for plastic boxes:D I love your blog and read regularly though I don't comment as often as I'd like to. Thanks for the letter! xx

Carin McDonough said...

So nice to hear your story about your father it is wonderful that you share an interest! :)

Norma Gomez said...

I love that your Dad gets in on the fun, the rest of the family don't know what they're missing ;D