6 June 2012

Operation Speak Out


Yep, it's that time again- doesn't a month fly by!
Tomorrow is Operation Speak Out and I would love you to join me.

If you haven't played along before (or need reminding) the proposal is simple.

On the first Thursday of every month I am going to make it my mission to comment on EVERY BLOG I VISIT. Just for this one day I am going to speak out on these blogs. Blogs big and small. I will write a comment.

One blog, five blogs, twenty blogs. It doesn't matter. That you comment is the essential part.

I am passionate about spreading encouragment and praise to other bloggers.

Tell your friends, talk about it. Let's get the internet overflowing with kind words tomorrow

I have added a page on my blog explaining in more detail how Operation Speak Out came into being. It can be found here or on the sidebar.


Jennifer Grace said...

I'll be joining you! x

Jo.C said...

I didn't manage properly last time but off work this week so fingers crossed :0)