14 June 2012

A toe in the water


As you probably know I haven't been doing any scrapbooking lately.
As you may also be aware ( due to that wonderful thing called pinterest) I have been pinning more typography and graphic design ideas.

This resulted in a feeling of creativness and after listening to some great music I came up with this...

Nearly entirely lifted from this.

I hasten to add this is a tiny toe in the water of scrapbooking again.
At the moment I am more interested in the photo composition and the text as well as that beautiful grey colour.

BUT, it's got me excited again about coloured paper and photographs. Watch this space.

Text is part of the lyrics to a song called souvenirs by switchfoot.

1 comment:

Jennifer Grace said...

I love it, the simplicity of it makes it speak even louder, if you know what I mean! I like the stitching. Beautiful. x