22 June 2012

Why I blog

A few days/weeks ( I can't remember!) I blogged about HOW I blog.
I thought it would be a fun follow up to do a WHY I blog.

Back here I started to blog because I wanted to share my scrapbooking. That was pretty much my soul reason for blogging.
Ironically I think that is probably the last reason I blog now.

I blog so I can share what I create. I love getting feedback on makes and I love seeing how my ideas have evolved. Blogging is a great cataloguing tool for me.

I blog because I like the community. I enjoy exploring other blogs, trying to make my blog better and more user friendly. I enjoy being so inspired by what you guys create and share. I love comments and commenting- this is partly where operation speak out comes in. I blog because I have connected with so many like minded people.

I blog as a form of diary keeping. Albeit a pruned, revised and more reserved form of writing a diary. BUT it is my way of thinking out loud.

This is my main one though, the biggy. I blog because I am recording memories. Whatever I blog about, be it craft or the boy or my general day to day life, I am recording a sliver of time. I can look back on that post and say "That is where I was at in June 2012".
I HATE some of my first posts but I'm glad I have them because that is me aged seventeen, like it or not. I feel lucky to have my words recorded to look back on.

I started to blog to share scrapbooking. I blog now to share and record memories. I think they are pretty much one and the same thing!

Why do you blog?

Abi xx


scrappyjacky said...

I think they are pretty much one and the same as well.
When I first started blogging it was just to share my crafty makes.....but it's far more than that now.

Sian said...

To make connections with other people who like to make stuff. I'm always a bit suspicious when I read someone saying that they they only blog for themselves and don't care if anyone else reads - doesn't ring true

Beverly said...

I blog to share, to explore, to reflect, to remember and as a creative outlet.

Jennifer Grace said...

Very similar reasons for why I blog too... To make connections, to hear feedback on the things I create, to record memories. I have always wanted to keep a diary, and tried several times over the years, but I can never make it work. Blogging and scrapbooking are the perfect combination for me to get most of my memories written down and safe to look back on. x