4 June 2012

Wow,  another month, another list of goals. Doesn't time fly by! I thinking of June as the start of my summer aims and boy am I excited for this month.

In June...

- I want to sew up a new skirt in a striped or chevron pattern.
- Learn to make amazing pasta salads.
- Be brave enough to wear mustard yellow.
- Bake some new types of bread.
- Start filling a new journal.
- Comprehensively document my month in Instagram photos.
- Read a book of the Bible (poss. Hebrews)
- Blog the Glorious.

Have you got goals for June?

1 comment:

Sian said...

My main goal is to make it through the exams cheerfully - I can't wait til the end of June!

Chevrons sound lovely..