9 June 2012

Tutorial- Salt Dough Magnets


The other day I was stuck for gift ideas. Naturally I turned to pinterest and rediscovered a that preschool essential- salt dough.

It was such a quick and easy project I figured you might want a little tutorial!

1. Salt dough recipe here.

2. Roll your dough out to a few cm thick. It is best at this stage to play around with the dough and do a few experiments.

3. Gather a collection of stamps and inks and have a go with them on a spare bit of dough. It takes a bit of trial and error to get a clean impression and some stamps really do work better than others.

4. When you are feeling confident roll your dough out and cut discs to your required size. A small cookie cutter worked well for me. (remember if they are too big they will be too heavy to be held up by a magnet)

5. Ink up your chosen stamp ( dark colours work best) and press firmly into the dough circle.

6. Keep going with different designs until you are happy. I kept mine simple and just spelt out our family names.

7. There are many methods for drying. I used a combination of air drying and an afternoon on a low temperature in the oven.

8. The discs should be rock hard when they are dry. Remember though if it is too thin it will go brittle and break, too thick and it will take an age to dry.

9. I bought simple magnet tape from hobby craft and stuck that onto the back of each disc.

10. Sand off any rough edges.

Sweet little magnets to decorate your kitchen.


Anonymous said...

This is such a fab idea! Where did you get the alphabet stamps from? I've been looking for ages and the only ones i can find are super expensive, £15 plus!!

Abi said...

Thanks Sarah! Mine came from a very old toy set! But you can get cheap ones at hobbycraft. xxx