2 August 2012

Holiday Stories- The ferry

Hi friends

As some of you may know I have just returned from my holiday to America. Rather than show all the photos I took (trust me it is tempting), I fear we could be here till christmas. Therefore I thought I would limit it to a few posts this week documenting the story, culminating with Sians storytelling Sunday! Perfect timing!

We decided as a family to travel to Virginia which is a southern east state. We had visited before and loved it so much that we decided to return.

We rented out a house for the week but to get to this house we had to cross a large river.

Never fear! Every half hour a ferry ran to and fro between the stretches of land. The journey was around about twenty minutes depending on how quickly we were all loaded on the boat. This gave us ample time to stretch our legs and catch a sea breeze.

It naturally gave me a chance to take some good photos.

Such beautiful light on the boat.

There were several ferries connected to this stretch of river and it was pot luck which one you got. They had different names.

My Mum spent the first half of the holiday dying to catch the Pocahontas, not, I hasten to add because she is a disney fan but because it had a top deck so she could capture this photo...

She got her wish on the second to last day!

My brothers amused themselves with looking out over the river and for the middle brother taking pictures of...birds.

There were loads of them swooping low over the boat or standing on the deck. It became a standing joke in our family that whenever we got on the ferry the middle brother would whip the camera out and try and capture his "bird photos" . What he was trying to do with them I do not know!

In fact he became quite the wildlife photographer...

And that my friends is the story of why I have hundreds of pictures of common seagulls and stretches of still water!

Honestly though the ferry was such a fun and memorable part of our holiday.

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scrappyjacky said...

I bet your mum is delighted with the Pocahontas photo.

Sian said...

It does look absolutely beautiful - shown off to perfection with your photos!

Maria Ontiveros said...

That dragonfly is amazing!

Beverly said...

Your mom certainly had a great photo in mind, glad she was able to get it. Assume that is the James River, my bil grew up on it :) Love the dragonfly and toad pics.