22 September 2012

Behind the door

Behind the door in my bedroom is a pile of things...
Ring-binders and paper pads, highlighters and pots of coffee. 
There is a saucepan, a rolled up poster and a pencil case. 
There is a pretty jar full of laundry money, a jar full of pasta sauce and several packets of soup. 

Each day news things get put behind the door. Things that I suddenly think of, things that appear out of the Sainsburys shopping. It is like some strange nesting instinct.

On more than one occasion I have woken up in the middle of the night thinking of something that needs to be added to the pile. Post it's have been stuck on mirrors to help me remember! 

The boy described this as "preparing for uni the Abi way". 

You see the thing is... I am a week early! There is no room behind my door anymore and it is a week until I leave!

It has got to the silly stage now. Yesterday I looked down at the packet of clothes pegs in my hand and thought.."Yes, I may need pegs in my new uni room. I will put them in the pile." 

I have a plastic tub for craft supplies. ( I may be the first student in the world to take her sewing machine to uni- home comforts and all!) I had to limit myself to just one small tub for the craft things I want to take. But, and here is the big one, I couldn't fill it because well... I still have a week left! Therefore I have covered the top in post-its of everything that it will be filled with!

I know. You cannot say I am not organised. 

Durham University. You.are.welcome. 


Gina said...

Have fun at uni! Great post, and I love your whole blog look - it's awesome :)

Charlotte said...

I love packing the Abi way! You'll never forget anything!
I have my sewing machine at uni - only used it half a dozen times last year but the thought of leaving it at home is just intolerable.
Some time this year I'm coming up to see Amy, perhaps we can have a cup of tea?

JO SOWERBY said...

when i left home, i had sat for hours sewing name labels into all my clothes, only to discover that it was completely unnecessary! i took 2 suitcases, of clothing, 1 box of food and related items and my record player and records. on my first night, my friends naomi, pj and i sat and listened to many of my records and made friendships which still survive 28 years later. there is never a right way to pack, u just take ur life, heart and soul,
jo xxx

Abi said...

Yes Yes yes! Let's meet up and chat about crafty things and I want to pick your brain about writing codes etc! xxxx

debs14 said...

When my daughter went to uni, one thing that she didn't think to take was fancy dress clothes! Seems like in Sheffield, they have many themed nights so if you have a bit of room for fairy wings or whatever, you never know, they may come in useful! A plug extension cable may be good too, just in case you don't have enough sockets for sewing machine, computer, phone charger etc to be used at the same time. Oh, and lots of blue tack or whatever so you can personalise your walls without knocking in nails! You're going to have so much fun - enjoy your last week at home.

Anonymous said...

Have the best time. Thinking of you lots. God has been so so so faithful to me starting in Falmouth - let me know how it goes please!!!! Fab post. xxx

Abi said...

Thank you so much for these tips debs! the extension lead is going into the pile as we speak! xxx

humel said...

lol - good for you :) I hope you have a plentiful supply of post its!!

The most useful thing I took was my toastie maker - the food in halls of residence was never quite enough, and everyone used to come back to mine for toastie suppers. I made lots of friends that way, and it's how I got to know The Doctor, too!

Sian said...

Oh, you are going to have such a wonderful time!

You have got me remembering - when I left for university my brother and sister packed me a box of "essentials". I still have the mugs. And there was a little plug in water boiler thing to make a mugful of hot water for coffee too. Great times..

Jimjams said...

All the best - Durham are very lucky to have you. You will be much in demand if you can use that sewing machine for bunting, fancy-dress and repairs!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds like me packing for Europe.

Beverly said...

I am so excited for you! Whatever way works for you is the best way. I had a friend whose child had to send half her stuff back home with the parents because she couldn't wrap her head around the size of the room and having to share the space lol Do you know your mailing address yet? if so please send it to me (email or FB) Enjoy this last week at home, sweetie!