7 November 2009


Yeah, this blogging shindig, is pretty cool, but when it takes three attempts, to put up my favourtite blogs, my patience starts to go slightly! Lol! Ok, back to crafty lovliness. Art journal is going really well. My book is beautiful. Hardback and french. It has gorgeous thick pages and hs obviosuly been soaked at one point so has that lovely crackly feel to it It was so lovely just going along all the book shelves, stroking pages, figuring out which one would work best with photos in it. I love being able to revive a book that would otherwise have been thrown away and for 50p, it's a bargain!
Tiring day at skl. We have saturday morning school, being private grrr... so no break today. Did go watch the boyfriend in his rugby match. I really wish he wasn't the one they lifted into the air! Thought I'd share an amusing story today. A recent fad in my skl is this new game where you have to get someone to say "mine" in response to a question. If they say it, they have to do 10 press ups! I have been caught out so many times now and even our deputy head is joning in, causing mass hilarity!
sorry bit of a long post but will share two things before I go off to bed. Firstly, a new photograph...

taken with a Nikon D40 and edited in photoshop. And secondly a scrapbook page..

Thanks so much for visitng

Abi xxxx


gluGirl said...

Love the photo of the shoes, great work!

Angela2932 said...

I love the b&w conversion of the shoes! And your blogger header/photo is fantastic! Aren't Nikon D40s wonderful???? I just upgraded to the D300s, but the D40 has a very special place in my heart.

Abi said...

yeah! Love my camera! Thanks for the comment, I really just love taking pictures and having fun playing around with them on photoshop! xxx