1 November 2009

First Post! HELP!

Ok, first ever post. I really don't know who is gonna read this, but hey! Am taking http://www.shimelle.com/classes/618/a-new-online-scrapbooking-class-blogging-for-scrapbookers/, roughly translated as Blogging for scrapbookers, so hopefully this will improve over time. Am going back to boarding school this evening so to any one who might be reading this, posts will come when I can fit them in. Most probably at weekends. Will share recents layouts later, after the brother has stopped badgering me for the computer grrr... Thanks for reading xxx


Ruth said...

I read it! And before I was married I was a Boarding School Housemistress!

20Birds said...

my 18 yo daughter has a blog that quite a few people read, so good luck i am sure the world will be enriched by your perspective, as Paul said to Timothy ... dont let anyone despise your youth.

Sian said...

Good luck with your brand new blog! Keep up the good work.