14 November 2009

partying it out!

we have a sixth form party this evening, with the theme of why did you come in that? what fun! being the arty girl I am, i got a big white t shirt and then sprayed it with paint. Wearing it with a belt, leggings and heels! very very excited! will try and take some piccys and then i feel a scrapbook page on the way. An apology. Being at skl i haven't got any scrappy stuff with me so no layouts at the mo, but I promise they will come! anyway off to play some music loudly and dance around the room getting ready with my best friend. Who else thinks that the getting ready is far more fun than the party? Also what is the best tune to party to? Have a lovely weekend, thanks for reading xxxx

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Lizzie said...

If you ask my DS that question, he'll go get you a cd his dad made, with a selection of music that is quite party-ish in places and downright weird in others (Star Wars for a party? hmmm).... I like stuff with a good beat and rhythmn, with happy words. How can you get ready to party with sad songs, eh? We have a 2 cd set called "Happy Songs". That'll do nicely!