5 November 2009

In response

I was reading Shimelle's prompts today and have been really encouraged to talk about my day to day life. School is so caotic that I rarely get a moment to think, let alone blog! even when i do have free time, Work seems to take priority...well, lets start on today. Photography, first thing, makes abi very very happy! Seriously 2 hours behind a lens is sheer heaven! My topic at the moment is to do with identity and memory so have been looking at this lovely lady's work:

Please go check her out and her stories. The one that is making me running for my gesso is this...She found an address book lying on the ground. After photocopying it, she sent it back to the owner who's name was in the back. She then contacted the people in it asking them questions about the owner, so as to build up a picture of their life. She did all this through photographs. Now although that is now probs known as a breach of someones privacy. isn't it strangely romantic and so brilliantly scrapbooky??? If you are still interested look up her story of "The shadow"

Well...how does this relate to me? The School is holding an old book sale including some beautiful hardback french books and I have taken loads of pictures of my childhood. Bring on the paint! I am hoping to make some sort of art journal capturing my childhood memories. The picture below is one I have taken in response to her work. My life in Objects..

Anyway, a very long post, but hope it will be of some interest. I will try and post art journal pictures as and when.

Thanks so much for reading



Lizzie said...

Yes, someone else told me about the address book project. Really cool (though a bit spooky!).

I love your childhood memories book idea. And the photos are great!

Abi said...

thanks so much for your comment! Hopefully will post more piccys soon. Yeah it is weird but pretty cool too! xx