21 November 2009

I is a bad blogger

Crazy crazy times at the moment. The week has gone in a blur and before I know it we are already at Saturday. Can't believer blogging for scrapbookers has finished but have met some incredible ppl! Several things:
1st I am home this weekend so have enjoyed relaxing with my chinese friend who is staying with us. Came home and found this in my room...
I have loved this magazine for all of 3 years. I plucked up the courage to enter my layouts and as a result my confidence has grown. If it wasn't for this magazine I would never have found shimelle's blog and never taken this course. Therefore this blog wouldn't exist. I guess I've been trying to put off the fact that this mag won't be coming back. If any one has any ideas of a lovely scrapbook magazine that could fill a certain gap in my crafty world please let me know!
2. A new layout! woop woop. This is about my wonderful friend Rach. The journalling talks about her incredible faith and her love of worship and how much I admire that. Her trust and love of God is truly amazing and I am so lucky to be able to share that with her. This picture was taken at a birthday picnic we had. This candid shot was crying out to be scrapped...
3. I am part of a blog train with a real exciting title.. "17 again" inspired by the film, this lovely lady http://libertycottage.blogspot.com/ has asked 17 women to reminise about their youth. I meanwhile am the train driver! he he! This is so exciting as I can add my own persepctive to all of the ideas! keep checking back for more details!
4. A sneaky preview...
In the course of the next few days I'll post details on where I got the instructions to make these flowers. Last year I created them with Christmas paper and set each one on every ones plates at the beginning of dinner. Although they aren't specifically for christmas they work really well with a sprig of holly next to them.
Anyway have a lovely weekend folks, off to watch the rugby! lets hope England win!
Loves Abi xxxxxx


debs14 said...

Loving those flowers, looking forward to seeing how to make them!
I'm in one of the carriages of the 17 blog train, how lucky you are to be the driver! I have so many happy memories of being 17 (in 1975!) hope you are enjoying it too!

Lizzie said...

Hi again Abi!

We've got a Creative Circle Blog Party this weekend - why not pop over and join in? If you go to http://gallorganico.blogspot.com/ you'll be in at the start! There are pics and instructions on various crafty projects and giveaways (including mine!).

Love the layout about your friend and the paper flowers are great - I would like to know how they are made.

I'm sad about SI too.. I'd just had one of my layouts accepted too - for issue 62! They did photograph it and Rosie says it will probably be published at some point, but I was so excited... SI was my favourite magazine. None of the others are as good. I'm really sad. I think they will add scrapping to Papercraft Inspirations instead, so we may still get some of the good stuff from there - they transferred my subscription to that, so I will see.

Must go... I hope your 17 Blog stuff goes really well!

JO SOWERBY said...

Hi Abi,
Hope ur having ag8 weekend at home with your frined. You have now joined the hordes of mourning crappers for the demise of our monthly fave mag. However there is hope as there will be some specials next year. Maybe someone else will take it over???

Looking forward to the 17 again train with you as driver, I was 17 in **** and can remember leaving home to train as a nurse. It will beinteresting to see what other people remember from those days.

I really love your Lo as well. Scrapping something so powerful is amazing and I love how honest you are about your frined's faith. Faith is so important to me and it made me smile on a day when I'm not feeling very smiley, so for that I thank you as well.
Jo xxx

JO SOWERBY said...


You have been given an award. Go to the link above to see what!!
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Hi Abi,
Congrats on the blog award from Jo!
Hope your weekend was good. Back in school now?
I will look out for your 17 Again on 30th - you can't be more than 17 anyway, as you're at school... you will be 17 Now, rather than 17 Again! Interesting to see everyone's posts and the different viewpoints from "Now" and "17".
BTW did SI publish any of the layouts you sent in?