28 November 2009

As Promised

As promised Here is the Tutorial for making these: The flowers are very simple to make once you have the basic petal shape figured out. Honestly, trial and error and you will get it. As I am not at home and can't photograph me making the flowers I have used the pictures for this tutorial off this lovely site http://foldingtrees.com/ Go check it out! The real name for these flowers is a Kusudama ball. You are supposed to make lots of them and stick them all together but I loved them the way they are! what you need:
  • 6 pieces of paper 7cm by 7cm ( I used thick scrapbooking patterned paper because it makes them more sturdy.)
  • strong glue (PVA is fine!)
  • Clothes pegs
  • pretty ribbon for the middles
1.Place the paper like this and fold to make a triangle.

2. Fold both the corners up to the middle to make a diamond shape.

3. Now fold the corners at the top in half so the edges line up with the side of the diamond. 4. Now open up the flaps you have just made. The best way is to put your thumb in the triangle and push it out. (takes a bit of practice!) 5. Fold the tops of the flaps down so they line up with the edge and then fold the whole flap in half along the crease. 6. you should end up with something that looks like the above. Put strong glue on the flabs and stick together. This is where you will need the peg. If you have used stong paper, trying to get the petal to stay in that shape whilst the glue drys is difficult. I clamped it on the middle fold. 7. Make 5 more petals. Here comes the tricky part..glue them all together. a line of Glue along each side works well. Also try doing two at a time. Again the pegs are real useful but patience really is the key.

As you can see from the picture, there will be a whole in the middle of the flower, so I placed this pom pom wire in it to give it a festive feel.

Also remember that because of the way it is folded, both sides of the paper you use can be seen. Double sided paper therefore works beautifully!

Hope this is helpful. Any questions please comment, would love to know what you think. Also go check out the website as the tutorial there is very good!

Have a lovely saturday Loves xxxxxx


Lizzie said...

They really are lovely flowers! I think I have another Project lined up when I road-test (well paper test!) my new desk this week!

Thanks Abi, it's great to get new ideas and inspiration. They would make lovely decorations for the Christmas Table - they could pass as Christmas Roses, almost!

Have a good weekend.


Lizzie said...

Hello Again! I like your Paper Flowers so much I was inspired to add a special section to my Blog! I now have a "How To's & Tutorials" section. Your flowers are in it, so are how-to's and tutorials from the Circle Blog Party and Shimelle's Course, along with other blogs I like.
Thanks for the inspiration, Abi!
(PS my niece is coming to visit tomorrow. If I have time I will show her your blog!)
And... you have given me an idea for another giveaway.
Aren't you clever?

JO SOWERBY said...

how wonderful to see another inspiring blog from you abi. i love paper folding so this is one i will be giving a try over the next few days. hope ur having a fab weekend at home. see u tomorrow for 17 again......toot, toot. remember to wear ur driver's uniform and make sure the ngines nicely stoked.
jo xxx

Keri-Anne said...

hi Abi, i have jsut been looking at your blog. my aunty Liz recommended you to me! you seem so lovely. that would be wonderful! i wouldnt mind atall. thank you so so much,

Keri-Anne x

p.s i am going to try out these paper flowers :) xx

Keri-Anne said...

p.p.s you can email me here: gingerlillytea@yahoo.co.uk xxxxxxxxxx