17 November 2009

An idea

In response to Shimelle's prompt yesterday about starting a blog party, I've had this idea about something i could do but would love to get everyone's opinions on it. Basically I thought a group of say 10 people all make a Scrapbook page or Mini book on a certain topic say the title of a christmas song etc. Then on a date set we all post our layouts etc with a description of how we made them and the story behind it. Now here comes the genius plan.. Each of us will have the name of someone else in the group and will include with their post a link to this other persons layout. You get my picture? Like a big circle, we all link to each others layouts. That way anyone coming to look at our blogs will be go on tour of everyones layouts. What do you think? would love your opinions! Thanks Abi xxxx


Lizzie said...

That's a nice idea... thinking about that one. Did you post in the Forum for supporters? (I haven't been there yet).

I sent you an OTT - See my blog to collect it!

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh i'll have a go. let me know when and what. and agree with lizzie the bookmaking queen about the forum for support.

jo xxx