16 November 2009

Thank you

A huge thank you to the people who wished me well about my back! It was so sweet and I really appreciated it. Afraid this has to be a quick post but I wanna share two layouts I made: The first is about my little brother (thank goodness he doesn't read this, he would probs kill me!) and the second was a spur of the moment page about me and my mum... Thanks for looking. loves xxx


Lizzie said...

Abi, how lovely! Can't read the journalling on the "brother" l/o, but I agree he might kill you if he saw the title! But it's a good layout anyway. The one with your mum is sweet. She'd be so pleased to see it! I think she is blessed to have you!

JO SOWERBY said...

wow abi, you have a g8 style in your LOs. wish i had the same gifts. glad to hear your back is better.
jo xxx

humel said...

Oh, I _love_ both of these :-)

I must also thank you for your lovely comment on my blog after the 'anonymous' thing, I really appreciate your kind words x