7 June 2012

How I blog


The other day Sian started up a discussion on her blog about how often we all blog.
Is it quality or quantity?

It was a really interesting debate. I have no real leanings either way but I thought it may be interesting to share how I blog.

A few months back I had a bit of a blogging drought. There was nothing I wanted to write about and I couldn't find the time to sit down at a computer and type things up let alone be creative.

At the time I was writing more and more in a journal. One day I sat down with it and thought "I am writing so much already in here, why don't I write my blog posts in here?!"

My ideas tend to come quite quickly and I have always found that writing them on paper lets my creativity flow better. The same was true when I started to write my blog posts with pen and paper. My words fell better, I composed sentences better. I could plan posts in advance.

Not only did my journal allow me to write out my posts, I was also filling the surrounding pages with ideas. Quotes, scripture, photos and thoughts. Naturally the more inspired I became the easier it was to write posts. Rather than have a vague idea of what I wanted to blog about, I was documenting the day to day so the posts came from that.

I also found (after a bit of soul searching) that I needed to post more regularly. I felt I couldn't expect a readership if I posted sporadically once or twice a term. My writing also was getting worse rather than better.

I started to post every other day. Writing my posts in my journal means I can carry it everywhere and write any time I have free, rather than find a spare computer. I write my posts several at a time and when I find a minute I type them all up and schedule them for the coming week.

Effectively I am a batch blogger! What do ya know!

I love that I have now found a system that works for me. That said it has taken the best part of two years to get to this stage!

How do you blog? I am fascinated to find out!

 Thanks for stopping by.

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Jo.C said...

I am sporadic. Can blog more in holidays but have had a major drought recently. Need to schedule more. You gave a lot of food for thought here - thank you. Enjoy operation speak out :0)

scrappyjacky said...

I don't have a regular blogging pattern.....and it's only very occasionally I write a post in advance in Blogger....and never on paper.

Sian said...

I blog with a notebook too. A cheap Pukka Pad from Tescos and a sharp pencil, that's what I need. I definitely write better when I am actually writing. Plus I am the world's slowest typist! It's good to find a fellow notebook enthusiast

WendyB said...

Hmmm, I am an inconsistent blogger who still doesn't know if she should or why she blogs at all lol. I disappear for months on end then find I miss it and I return. I have no pattern and sometimes I really struggle with what to blog mainly I think because I'm not crafting currently and so don't have creations to share. I use windows Live writer and so I will sometimes draft an outline there and I do occasionally use the schedule facility. Your post has started me thinking again about what, why and when - now I'll have to go lie down, only joking x

Beverly said...

Yay for discovering what works best for you :) I blog frequently and autopost. On busy weeks (like the last 4) I just make sure I have my standards Sunday Song of Praise, Monday Musings, Wordless Wednesdays and Sharing on Saturdays. I was doing the Pinspiration every Tuesday but it became too forced while I was working. School let out today so hopefully I'll be posting more freestyle.

Lou said...

interesting post Abi - I blog as and when.......glad you have found a way that works for you.

Amy said...

I generally blog in the moment and off the cuff. I am terrible at trying to stick to regular themes, but I do schedule posts. I often write the afternoon before I auto post, at most a day or two before. I like to schedule posts to suit readers, as most are in the Northern Hemisphere, and also so that they coincide with my available time to read through comments and respond.
The posts where I just sit down and write are often my favourites, they have an authenticity that does not come when I think too much! I am not a serious writer and over editing doesn't usually help me - I wish it did!