9 September 2012

Tutorial- Knitted Cowl


Today's post is again from my Student Makes series- creating on a budget!

I am shortly going to be heading way up north (and by north I mean miles and miles, practically scotland). Therefore I figured I needed to invest in some winter woolies.

Anyway back to the point. I decided to knit myself up a cowl and want to share with you how I did it because it is a great accessory and didn't cost much...

*I am a very basic knitter so please take my feeble instructions with a pinch of salt!*

100g  DK cream/ivory/white wool
100g DK flecked wool (any colour- it doesn't have to be flecked either, a solid would look good too).
4.5mm needles.

Approx. cost:
£3.00 for wool
Knitting needles already to hand.

A cowl, simply put, is a scarf where both ends are joined together to make a loop. In my opinion far easier to tuck into a coat and with none of that annoyance that comes with dangly and unwinding scarfs.

The cowl is knit with two strands of yarn at all times. Just hold your cream and coloured yarns together and pretend they are one. MAKE SURE the needle goes under both when you are knitting. The cream and coloured held together will create this lovely flecked, natural effect.

1. Cast on 36 stitches.

2. The whole cowl is done in garter stitch. Knit every row. This creates that lovely wavy pattern. It's also very easy to sit in front of the tv with. Nothing too complicated over here!

3. Keep knitting until you reached the desired length. At this stage it looks like a scarf I know but you will join up the ends eventually. A good way to check the length is to wrap the cowl around your neck. It shouldn't be too tight. Loose enough to pull over your head but snug enough to keep your neck warm.

4. When you are happy with the length cast off. Grab a darning needle and using ladder stitch (or something similar) sew the casted-on end and the casted-off ends together to create a loop. Sew in any loose yarns.

5. Turn your cowl inside out so the stitching up is on the inside.

6. To wear,grab each side of your cowl, give it a few twists and pop on over your head.

NB: this could be knitted on circular needles to save the sewing up. I am not skilled enough for this! 



Jo.C said...

Looks great but I'm in shorts and a stroppy top up north so hopefully it will last a bit longer.
Comments like that and you'll be called a southern softie :0)
Enjoy the excitement of all the packing and getting ready. Good luck x

debs14 said...

Great tutorial Abi and I'm sure that you will need it later this year, but hopefully not for a month or two!
My daughter and son both went to Sheffield for their university days and both said that the north wind is certainly more biting than they were used to back at home. Now my son is heading up to Edinburgh for a year or two, I'm guessing it will be twice as cold up there - is there such a thing as a masculine cowl do you think?

humel said...

Oh, my - Abi, this is gorgeous :) I can't knit, but The Tomboy is interested in learning so maybe she and I could learn together? And then I could have a go at beautiful items like this! :)

Sian said...

I love the way you have added the cost in here - makes a great post really terrific!

It's beautiful. I can see TSO having a go at thi once she has finished her grey sparkly scarf