15 November 2009

Someone special

I have been meaning to talk about this person for a while now but didn't really know how to put it until last night. As you have seen from the above post I went to a school party last night. It didn't turn out quite like I thought. (No, I wasn't drunk cos I don't drink! but that is beside the point!) I have some weird back problem, kinda like cramp but really really painful. I've had blood tests, ultrasounds x rays but no one knows what it is. I doesn't come that often but when it does it kills. Last night just happened to be the one when my back went. It's a really annoying pain cos u can do stuff and dance etc its just constantly throbbing. Anyway back to the story. By nature I refuse to be ill so carried on dancing with my boyfriend (who will for now be called the boy!) through the night it got worse but I still refused to let it bother me. Last song and it was pretty awful, the worst i've known it. I guess I pushed myself too far, but I ended up collapsing on the dance floor crying my eyes out in frustration and pain. For the first time the pain I was going through was scaring me. Now if the boy hadn't been there I don't know how I would have got out cos at this stage I couldn't really walk, but the lovely incredible man he is, picked me up in his arms and carried me outside. He held me tight helping me stand and then slowly supported me all the way to his parents car who drove me up to my boarding house as a 5 min walk was out of the question. Thankfully i am so much better now, a long rest and hot water bottle helped and i pray that it won't get this bad again. But this isn't about me. It's about my amazing boy who understands me more than anyone. He is the only guy I know who gets scrapbooking wooh wooh! and is one of the calmest people ever. We often say to each other that I talk and he listens, which i guess is true! But which women doesn't do the talking??!! I know this post is a bit of ramble but it's really about expressing how incredibly thankful to him I am for helping me and for being there when I most needed him. My back is normally something I can deal with it's just when it's too much he's there and i count myself very very lucky. On a lighter note! I have made a page on just how calm the boy is. There is a piccy below but to see it better the link to it is here: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1517851


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a gorgeous blog! I love all your images.

Becky said...

Your blog is beautiful. Hope your back is feeling better today and also to say your lo is lovely :)

Lizzie said...

The layout is fab! I love the colour choices, Abi. I am glad your back feels better today. Back problems are no joke - you don't realise just how important your back is, til something goes wrong. I'm sorry that it spoilt the part for you.
How lovely your BF sounds. I am lucky and have a calm, kind husband like that too. They seem to be hard to find - don't lose yours lol!
I really like to read your blog. I may be older than you, but you definitely have some interesting stuff to say.
Hope the back behaves better!

Jay said...

Hope your back is better today. Your boy sounds a sweetie.

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear about your back problem Abi. Hope it's better today. I love your layout.