7 December 2009

17 revisited

well.. if you read my blog this time last week, you will know that a me and a lovely group of ladies linked together and formed the 17 again blog training. We answered questions as if we were 17. For me, kinda easy! well... big news, the train is off on another journey. This time to look at how our answers have changed over the years. This is kinda difficult for me cos they wud all be the same, bit of a boring read... sooo i am answering the questions as if I was 10 years old! should be fun hey!
My hair colour is: blonde.
My hair style is: I have just had it cut short too short. I'm still not sure if I like it. I also have a fringe.
My favourite brand of makeup is: woooh make up! i do NOT use that!
My fashionable item is: a homemade braid made out of beads or my Jeans.
My favourite outfit is: Jeans and my blue t shirt.
My favourite colour is: PURPLE
I drive a: hmmmm dolls pram?
On a saturday I go: swimming and then to play outside with my friends.
On a saturday night I go: to sleep
On a sunday I go: to church and then draw in my room
Monday to Friday I: go to school My best friends are: I have just moved schools. My best friends were Emily and Rose. Now it is probably Anna
My favourite subject at school is: history or english.
When I grow up I want to be: I haven't really decided but a monkey would be nice!
My favourite drink is: hot chocolate
my favourite food is: my mum's taragon chicken
My favourite shop is: the art and craft shop
I want to marry: my crush. (he was sweet)
My favourite actor/actress: the blue peter presenters????
My favourite TV program is: BLUE PETER ( I got a badge!)
The one thing I want to do but can't is: I am 10, I can do anything!
My most used mode of transport is: Mummy and Daddy's car.
I wish I could visit: America
My favourite sport is: Netball would you believe!
I am reading: The little house series for at least the 10th time.
Hmm.. not much has changed! scary! anyway sorry for the delay, but hope it was good reading!

Loves xxxxx


Sian said...

Very, very nicely done Abi. Don't ever lose that love of the Little House books, will you?

humel said...

Oh, I loved this, Abi :-)

(I have a Blue Peter badge too!!)

Lizzie said...

That's lovely Abi. You were very cute at 10 years old. That flute looks nearly as big as you too...
I love "I'm 10 I can do anything!". I wish we could hold onto that confidence...

MonicaB said...

I love your answer to what you want to be when you grow up...a monkey? :)