20 December 2009

Tutorial- Bokeh lens filter

Hi! (go past this post to see the christmas book post! Sorry tempremental blogger! Lol!) Tutorial time again. This one came about from a lot of experimenting. I had seen instructions on how to make a lens filter so that you could turn this: (bokeh)
into something like this: well. I had a go and it worked alright but then I discovered something much more interesting. How by creating a lens filter with a small circle in the middle, you can focus in on the object and make the background solid black.
so.. here's how you do it:
1. cut a strip of BLACK paper a couple of inches wide. It doesn't need to be neat. It just needs to be long enough to fit around the lens of your camera.
Fold a third of it down.

on the bit that you just folded over, cut into. As above.
Now make into a circle, big enough to fit around your lens and staple in place.
It should look something like this. Draw around it and cut out the circle again in black paper. This should fit in the middle.
It should now look like this. cut a small circle in the middle. All of my pictures below used a circle about the size of one you would get if you whole punched it, but experiement with different sizes or shapes as below:
This lens filter should now fit snugly on the lens of your camera, and you are ready to take some pictures. As a rule of thumb, the clsoer you zoom, the larger the hole will become, so the less black background you will get. The trick really is just to experiment. Below are a few of my piccys with the filter:
Thanks for reading! Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

wow what a clever but simple idea abi. can u do some more please? see u at 4pm.
Love Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

That is soooo clever! I must tell Keri-Anne about it (she may know of course, but then again, she may not!)
The pictures are very effective.
Like the little Bokah effect too.
If you don't get A**** for your A level Photography, I will be writing to the exam board to ask why!

Lizzie said...

Ooh, do you think it would work on a snapshot digi-camera? Mine has a lens that comes out when it's on and the centre goes in & out when you zoom.

Sian said...

What a neat trick! I might just have to give this a try

humel said...

Wow! Fab effect, and clear tutorial, thank you :-)

Amy said...

Absolutely fabulous Abi - how simple, but, so effective. The shot of the candle is beautiful.
If you'd like to do more tutorials I'd really appreciate them - you explain things very well!