23 December 2009

Nearly there..

So close to christmas now. Only 2 more sleeps! woooh. Am sitting here typing, listening to my mum playing the piano. So beautiful.

thought I would share a few fav. pictures of the last few days! Thanks for stopping by

Loves xxxxx


humel said...

Lovely pics :-) 2 more sleeps, woo-hoo!! *happy dance*

Lizzie said...

Nice photos, Abi. You're a talented family - flutes, pianos, cameras..

The snow looks great where you are. It's all frozen and compacted on the road here - like a skating rink..not fun! It's been raining this afternoon. Don't know if it will continue tonight, or be snowy, or just go away... I wish it would melt!

"Two more sleeps" lol!

Amy said...

Those snowy pics are gorgeous!
I used to be the same - the last two days are just torturous!

Jools said...

Love the bokeh photo at the bottom.