21 December 2009

favourite moments/photos of 2009 Part 1

I thought it would be a nice time to show some memories and photos of 2009. Yeah I guess anyone who reads this, didn't know me before about november, but hey! U can now know a bit of my past! (aren't you lucky?!) January. A new camera and a new years day walk in the woods with my annoyingly photogenic brother! (why is it the boys???WHY!)the result is one of my favourite photos of him. hanging out with this group of girls on a sunday evening- our little Bible study group. It was such a blessing to be with them each week.
Getting roses from the boy on valentines day. He is beyond sweet! :)
Getting my GCSE art exam topic: cakes, puddings and desserts! Honsetly when I heard it, I could have kissed the examiner! I mean how cool is that! An excuse to eat CAKE! (I have an unexplained love affair with it!)
My first go at a photo shoot. This was one of the better pictures! Lol!
Hanging out with this girl! She is beyond fun! This was taken on a beautiful day in I think April! (witness the white legs!)
A beautiful day spent with the family. One of those days when I took so many pictures that I love. This is one of many!

Taking pictures with the boy. It's so funny cos he's changed loads since this picture was taken. Kinda grown up more! Still love him a crazy amount though!

And on that note, there ends part 1, part 2 to follow tommorow!

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my ramblings again!

Loves xxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

wow abi thanx for sharing more of ur amazing talents with us. i have to say the boy is rather a hunk isn't he? hope u get to spend time with each other over the holidays. yes, why is it that boys r more photogenic? it take about 100 attempts before i get 1 g8 picture of myself or other female family memebers but get my dad and lil sis's BF on and it's click x 1 and bob's ur uncle. oh well, back to the drawing board.
Jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Love those photos! The boy is rather sweet isn't he?
I really like the trampoline picture, and the one of your brother - he has your nose! And your lovely smile too... it's nice when the good features run in the family (like noses lol!)

Sian said...

Lovely, lovely post! Thanks for letting us catch up a bit with what you've been doing all year. Yes, I've read Farmer Boy and all the other Little House books..in fact I blame my early engagement at the age of 21 entirely on wanting to be like Laura and Almanzo; so watch out!!

humel said...

I so have to do something like this :-) (My pics won't be as good as yours though!)