10 December 2009

finger knitting

Yep, I'm in prep (again) but I am a good girl because i have done all my work so feel I am at perfect liberty to check blogs, right????! Thought so! anyway, have been following the lovely Elsie's blog and she has been showing pictures of this: ( I just love her style!) and has included a link to how she made her finger knitted garlands like this:

go check her out and then follow the link. Seriosuly it is amazing and highly addictive. A lovely activity for doing in front of the telly.

Thanks for reading

Loves xxx

P.S this was all typed with yarn wrapped around my fingers! x


JO SOWERBY said...

so if my guess was ******, r u allowed to tell me where u go to school????
mmmh me thinks somewhere either near ***** or else near *******. we could have scrapbooking classes in prep and really annoy ur teachers, lol, :)))
jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Lol yarn round your fingers!

Yes, lets all have scrapping classes in prep... but I think you are probably a fair way away from me in Bedfordshire. Sad... You should start a Scrap Club in school (if you don't already have one). Make Session 1 a tutorial from Abi on how to make Paper flowers!

Well done for finishing all your homework btw. It's a pain, but it's got to be done!

Have a great weekend and I've got my fingers crossed for no hockey tomorrow!

humel said...

lol at your postscript!! That looks a clever technique, will have to mentally note to give it a go :-)