29 December 2009

Monkey Mania

I am beyond happy cos my lovely friend Lizzie has just posted a tutorial for sock monkeys! How awesome is that?!!! I do have a minor obsession with them, I dunno they are just so cheeky and fun. Maybe we should go back a few years to understand this...ok?
Once upon a time there was a little girl who was about 18 months old. Being the first child her mummy and daddy had filled her cot with lots of lovely cuddley toys. All the grandparents who came also brought soft toys. She was very loved but hadn't found a toy she really really liked. The soft cat was nice but she wasn't too fussed.
Then her mummy and daddy decided to move house. Her nursery teacher decided to give this little girl a leaving present. She gave her a small, brown, furry monkey with velcro paws that stuck together and a long tail. He was the perfect size to hold and had lovely dark eyes.
The little girl fell in love with him and named him.."Monkey" she took him everywhere, even to her daddy's ordination...

Dolls were nice but monkey was just the tops. He even went in her dolls pram and in the carry cot. Monkey did everything with her. monkey even came on holiday, and the little girl who was growing up to be a big girl got very upset if monkey wasn't there with her.

A few years later the little girl had two family cats. They committed a horrible crime. One day after school she came home to find that monkey's nose had been almost bitten off and the stuffing was leaking out, the little girl screamed, which freaked her mum out, but she decided she had good reason to! The marks are still there today...

When the little girl learnt to sew, her first attempts at clothes were for her monkey, he still wears the shirt she made for him today. When the little girl became a big girl and then a rather little women she learnt to knit and made a scarf just the right size for Monkey's neck. Monkey is still cuddled most nights even though he is just a little bit thread bare! THE ENDJust look at how much fur he has lost from the first piccy! ha ha! Oh n in case you are wondering his velcro paws do still stick together! I guess this now explains where the monkey mania comes from, anyone else have tutorials for a crafted monkey, I would LOVE to hear of them to add to my collection! Thanks for indulging in a little story time!

Loves xxxxxxxxx


debs14 said...

What a lovely story! I have a friend whose surname is Munn and you can guess that the whole family have a slight obsession with 'Munn-keys'! Their favourite is called Norman and is not dissimilar to your Monkey. I wonder if they are related?

Lizzie said...

That's a lovely story! I always wanted a monkey when I was little, but somehow I never did get one - maybe I didn't communicate this wish very well. Small children do think that everyone else knows the same as they do, so they don't tell stuff to the grown-ups. Well, never mind, as we have plenty of monkeys in the house now, to satisfy my monkey-wishes.
Your Monkey is sweet. His chewed nose just gives him more character and all the best soft toys have less fur than when they started - it's a cuddly badge-of-honour!