24 December 2009


I have a little friend who's in year 7 who most people think of as my sister because apaprently we look really similar. Anyway she is the sweetest thing and texted me this morning with "it's christmas eve!!!" Bless her heart, I am so glad someone else gets as excited as me! It's so close now. We are having our traditional christmas eve lunch; gammon, jacket potatoes, crisps, nice cheeses and dips! mmmmhhh.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my year of photos, I love Amy's idea of creating a scrapbook page on them. What an awesome idea. Oh n by popular demand, I will show a tutorial for the owl! Lol!
I promised a last minute decoration to make:
I got the design for these from the lovely Nicole Heady they are so easy to make and she has great instructions. I am using them as place names on the table on christmas day and have so far kept them a secret from the family. Let's hope they're not reading this! eeek!
I also have a little tradition where my brothers and I take a picture of the three of us and then I create a page with it for my parents:
It's a very simple design. I wanted to get a wreath kind of look. The trick is to layer up the paper using pop dots pr sticking straight onto the background. I used papers from basic grey so they all happily co ordianted! To lead the eye across the picture I sewed around the wreath and then added three orange buttons that create a visual trinagle. I'm so pleased with how it has turned out!

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog the last few months, I have loved getting to know many of you. Have a fabulous and peaceful christmas! Tommorow is definitely a non blogging day! ha ha!

God bless, Loves xxxxxxxxxxx


Lizzie said...

Certainly is Christmas Eve, Abi! Exciting, isn't it? I have just been using the NORAD Santa Tracker (he's in Australia and the South Seas just now!).
The turkey is in the oven - it's too big to fit with anything else that we want to cook, so we're doing the turkey today and the rest tomorrow. I'm listening for the oven timer!

I really love the little birdie houses. Very pretty. And the layout is great. Your parents are so lucky to have you three fab people - especially Abi!

Have a lovely, fun, peace-filled Christmas with your family.

debs14 said...

Abi, my daughter is 23 and I guarantee she will be up very early tomorrow, she STILL gets so excited!
I do hope you and all your family have a fun time and I look forward to catching up with your blog in the New Year, don't think many of us will be blogging over the next couple of days!

humel said...

It's such a lovely layout :-) Have a great Christmas Abi xx

Amy said...

Merry Christmas Abi!
Love your page :-)

Sian said...

Beautiful page! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create in 2010