23 December 2009

Favourite moments/photos of 2009 Part 3

My mum is cooking the gammon, the snow still lies inches thick and the sound of my brother cooking cake is ringing through the house. It has to be nearly christmas. My brothers and I almost hate the 23rd. It's so close to christmas but not quite! Anyway back to the last episode of piccys!
Our summer holiday to Virginia in the USA! It was wonderful, hot and so much fun!
I got rather excited about the brown paper bags! Lol! (ok, they are so much nicer than plastic ones?!)
I always make a mini book on our holiday, to see the full thing click this link
Theo (the black one) and Emme (tabby) came to live with us. They were 9 weeks old and beyond cute. They are now 7 months and are utterly crazy. They provide us with so many laughs though!
I made this little man after having a minor obsession with owls (that is what he is supposed to be! ) Wud anyone be interested in a tutorial on how to make him? it's very easy. GCSE results were in. I was so pleased with my results. My lovely mum made me a cake to celebrate! Yeah she did ice the results on top! Isn't she sweet?!
Back to school in September. Big changes, a suit rather than a uniform and a whole new experience being in sixth form.
we had a picnic to celebrate a friends birthday! I took hundreds of pictures for my photography A Level! No jokes, I have far too many now!

and finally here we are at christmas! Thanks for reading about this past year. I have had an awesome time. Might share a few things later or tommorow about a last minute decoration you can make!

Thanks for reading

Loves xxxxx


JO SOWERBY said...

gosh, i want to borrow your brother, or at least could have done with some extra hands to beat fudge mixture earlier. i've made 2 batches plus hokey pokey and truffles. goodness me it's a sweetfest over here. i luv the pic of you in your suit, very smart and your minibook. but best of all i so, so, love the owl. please, please, please do a tutorial. i love owls and last night our local owl was out calling for ages. now remember only 2 sleeps til xmas
jo xxxx

Amy said...

Abi, you have managed to capture the year so well - will you compile these into a scrapbook?
A owl tutorial would be great!