27 December 2009

The aftermath!

Christmas is over..sob sob. We had an awesome time, very quiet on christmas day. Just the five of us but it was great to have family time together. I got some wonderful presents, a few of my fav's in my stocking were: Noel Streatfield books. I got this for my very own, after 10 years borrowing library copies! Lol! several of these..Mmmh, I think I might have squealed in delight!
The Amy Butler pattern for this bag..and some gorgeous material, pink and lime green, flipping awesome combo of colours!
miss-matched knee socks. I mean, how cool is that???!!
we have a tradition of my mum making her own crackers. Rather than a little cheapy present, she puts a small note telling us where our present is hidden. After the main course we all race to find the presents. They are normally jokey or something we can play like a board game. This year my brother got a Ukelele! and I got a knit your own monkey!!!!!! (age 8-12, ok it's difficult!!!) This was my reaction when I opened it. For the record, I LOVE monkeys!
My main present was a new lens for my camera! It's lush, f/1.8! woooooh. Pictures below were all taken with it, check out that depth of field!

anyways, it was a lovely lovely christmas, hope u all had a fab time!

Thanks for reading Loves xxxxxxxxx


Lizzie said...

Abi, you lucky thing! Spotty/striped socks, Ballet Shoes, new camera lens, thickers, bag pattern and a Monkey! Mega-pressies!

I'm glad you had a lovely Christmas. It sounds fun and quite relaxing. There's a lot to be said for "a little quietness at home" as Jane Austen said!

Me & J. made a sock monkey, out of a huge stripey pair of over-the-knee socks. He is pretty cool. I will have to blog his photo for you! He has a little brother, who we bought in MK one day,from a charity-fundraising stall. The little monkey is called "Mon" (for Mon-key) and the big one is "Bro'"!

The pics with your new lens are great. I see the depth of field - also the fab bokeh too! You are all a very photogenic lot - that must help!

debs14 said...

Looking forward to seeing the results from the new lens on your blog. A perfect excuse for taking mega amounts of photos! Sounds like you had a great Christmas.
Started the monkey yet?!!! I think we need a blog by blog account of your progress!

Lizzie said...

Okay, so there is now a Tutorial Post, just for You, on my Blog. It is about making Sock Monkeys.
Enjoy it!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a great day Abi!
I'm looking forward to seeing how your bag turns out - I've made a couple but I'm very amateurish in the sewing stakes!
I love 'Ballet Shoes' - have also read it over and over.
And, those socks are very cute!