18 December 2009

I love my family..

Today I woke up and the snow was several inches deep. So excited was I that I was out of bed by 8.30! (this does not happen.ever. except christmas day!) My family love walking so by 10 we were walking in the beautiful forest that is literally in our back garden...As a family we are all really close...

I love the above piccy, it turned out great!

we had a lot of fun...

I love the fact that we can all just act like children every now and again! Lol!

I really do love my family.

Thanks for reading

Loves xxxxx


Sian said...

Excellent photos! I'm so jealous ..we have no snow here yet at all

debs14 said...

Looks absolutely beautiful, you've obviously had a fun day!
Although we woke to 3" of snow today, they still didn't close the school I work at even though it was last day of term :-(
From the look of the 'snow angels' imprinted on the back lawn, I think my son had fun while I was out!

JO SOWERBY said...

awww it must be so g8 to spend quality time together when ur away so much of the year abi. the pics are brilliant. ur mum and dad make a very attractive couple and i love the pic of the three of u jumping for joy!!
jo xx

JO SOWERBY said...

thanx for the lovely comment. pray for not too much snow!
jo xxx

Lizzie said...

Abi that is sooo pretty! Your photos are great - I'm sure you will get a good grade in your A level.
It looks as if you all had so much fun. A family can be a blessing... most of the time lol! It's wonderful to have them around to have fun with.
You certainly live in a lovely place too - somewhere really worth going out for walks.
Have a great Christmas break with your family!

Amy said...

Abi, your photos are so fabulous!
How exciting to be able to walk in the snow like that .... doesn't happen all that much for us - and, we have to drive a long way from home in order to see snow in the winter.